The guide to marketing as a career in 2020

Do you want to consider marketing as your career in 2020; however do not know how to start? You must know the ones that have a promising future? Hello everybody, here I am about to talk about the two groundbreaking marketing careers in 2020.

New careers are coming in the world of marketing all the time, and it is no wonder since marketing is an ever-evolving industry. But there are two of these new careers in 2020 that will surely take off very high.

Marketing data scientist

There are so many different metrics in marketing to track. Numbers can indicate so many things about a business. So it is very critical to have the ability to work with numbers and data so that you can have a crystal clear understanding of the effect of the audience behavior on the business, so you where the companies must focus their efforts, and where not. It helps you with your strategy for marketing, and your business overall too.

Taking the data, making sense of it, and illustrating it as a clear and easy-to-understand picture of the website’s performance, is a skill I see the lack of it as one of the biggest issues in businesses or even ad agencies. Because it gives them the strategy of what they should be doing after that. Ten years ago, there was not a need for data scientists as much as there is now, because there were not many sources of data and information. However, today there are many. Sources such as Facebook, Outbrain, Taboola, Pinterest, Bing, Google, paid ads, and so forth.

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There are too many different metrics to focus on. Like average time spent per visit, time on page, traffic growth rates, unique visitors vs returning visitors vs cohort reports, click-through rates, and balance rates. This is why data scientists are very important today. Most of these metrics that marketers should track are confusing and difficult to understand. Also since there are too many sources you can use to get the data you need, there will be many times when there are discrepancies and the companies look for someone who can help with reading the data. Someone who can make an easy and clear sense of that data, since there’s a lot of data in conflict.

According to Data Mania, the description of this career is producing perspective, strategic, and tactical insights to make marketing more effective, helping and giving advice to other professionals and managers to understand and work with the organizational data, and exploratory data analysis. As Glassdoor reports, the salary of a marketing data scientist is on average $61,473 in the US. The required skills for this job are and ML-based and statistical predictive modeling, perfect communication skills, and an understanding of online analytical data.

The director of growth marketing

This job is also highly requested in the world of marketing. One of the things that I always encounter in my work is that these days, the companies have so many issues with their growth. They figure out that they are not growing anymore and have become stagnant. The reason for that is that Starting a new business has become very easy today. “Today creating a business is extremely cheap and easy,” says Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks.

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This fact has made everyone able to simply start a business and compete with yours. This is what makes it so difficult to grow your business. And because of that, most companies look for someone as a growth marketer. A growth marketer is a person who finds the gaps in the company and helps all the other departments so that they can increase their ROI. Growth marketers must be data-driven professionals whose work is to try and find some innovative methods for retaining the users, keeping them engaged, driving their acquisition, and finally turning them into brand champions.

The salary of a growth marketer in the US is on average $96,790, as reported by Indy. The required skills for this job are marketing automation, execution skills, data analytics and digital marketing, and brand storytelling. You must keep in mind that the goal of a growth marketer is not only growing the department of marketing, but to also find a way to combine the departments of product development, marketing, engineering, and sales and help grow the business to produce more of ROI.

The reason for that is that all of these things have effects on each other. For example, let’s suppose you are in a software company. It’s the job of the marketing department to make people notice what you provide. Then it is the turn for the customer service department to find out the possible ways to sell things to that user so that the sales department can do the selling process to that user that the marketing department drove to your site. These were some examples of ways an organization is benefited from a growth marketer.

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So if you ever felt like you need some help to grow your business and your growth spot line especially, do not hesitate to check this website for useful posts on that subject. If you enjoyed reading this article, please do not forget to share it. Thank you for reading.

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