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How to collect people’s email addresses for your list

Having a mailing list is sometimes extremely helpful. This fact means that you have a list, and you can continually sell stuff to the people on the list by bringing them back to your site. Doing this is the right way to market your products efficiently. However, everyone knows this already; the problem is, how can someone possibly build a mailing list?

Hello everybody, Here I am about to tell you the secret to building a mailing list for free and extremely fast, which are my secrets of how I reached to more than 300,000 active subscribers to my mailing list.

Tools and quizzes

The first piece of advice I am going to give you for collecting people’s email addresses is, giving away self-discovery or an assessment. By this, I mean that you are able to use tools for audit. For example, imagine having an accounting website. In this case, you could get someone to do an audit tool, or imagine having a site on health, so you could get someone to do an audit about their weight and what it should be. You can also create calculators, for example, a mortgage calculator.

You can use CodeCanyon if you don’t know how to build calculators. With this website you can buy such calculators and then put them on your website for just a few bucks and as people type in the required information for the calculator, you collect their email address so that they can see the results, and then use them for your mailing list. I personally really like quizzes among all the types of assessments. I’d the people who visit my site many questions about their capabilities, their weaknesses, their strengths, etc., and then throughout their journey, I give them assessments.

There also other tools for creating quizzes such as LeadQuizzes so that you can collect email addresses. I am currently collecting so many email addresses daily from this trick, like many other people. So you can copy some of the available formats and even their design, nobody would mind, so you can use those for collecting people’s email addresses too.

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Evergreen webinars

One of the tricks that I have used over these years for collecting many email addresses and is another thing that you can also do is running an evergreen webinar because everyone loves webinars. So they would like to have interactions with you. To make it evergreen and interact with people, you can make use of some tools such as WebinarJam. The word evergreen means recording a webinar only once and then keep replaying later. However, it would seem like a live version of that webinar, although it is a replay. This trick is very actionable, and everyone loves it so that they will engage with you for as much as half an hour. Because they engage this long, there will be a much higher chance that they will buy from you.

Exit-intent popups

Now the third tip that I have here for you is to consider using exit-intent popups. There are multiple ways to do it, like by using Hello Bar. This way, when somebody intends to exit your website, you can ask them a simple yes/no question in a manner to get their email address. An example of such questions could be “Do you wish to increase the traffic to your site?”. And then, if they click on “yes,” collect their email address and subscribe them to your mailing list. If they click on “no,” you can say, “This is amazing that you already have massive traffic to your site.

Now, if you want, you can enter your email address here so you’ll learn how to double conversion rate to your website”. However, since they clicked on “no” the first time, they will probably refuse to do so because those people believe that they are already getting enough traffic. In this case, one of the best ways is to use exit popups. The reason is that if someone is about to leave your site, there will be no harm in asking for their email address?

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You can use Hello Bar and make use of cookies so that when somebody exits your site, and they see the exit popup before leaving, they will not face that popup again the next time that they come to visit your website. Because it’s not user-friendly at all to continue bombarding people with email requesting popups, Hello bar works on mobile devices as well.

Text lead magnet

Another tip you can use for your mailing list is to get the help of text lead magnets. There is a concept called “content upgrades”? Let’s suppose you are reading an article with this title: “How to get more backlinks?”. One useful feature that the website could have is to have something like a cheat sheet within the text of its post as “You can receive a cheat sheet for this subject by entering your email in this box.” If you do the same thing, you will end up collecting many email addresses. Among all the strategies that I have used, this one is one of the best.

However many people are not doing it, mainly because there is some work they must do; including creating the cheat sheet as a PDF. The fact that most of the people do not bother themselves to put in this effort is why this trick works this well. This means that you must not overdo it. If you do this and use too many triggers, popups, and opt-ins, this is going to irritate people. It would help if you used at most two or three of these, and that is enough.

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I have seen some crazy websites which have even as many as 14 or 15. It will start to become excessive at around five. I recommend using three of these features. To improve your site’s performance, you can use tools such as Hello Bar, as I mentioned, which does many things which include showing some of these triggers to some people and some of them to some other people. And it also avoids you from continually bombarding people.


So if you consider following all of these strategies and techniques, you will eventually start getting more email addresses from interested people to add to your mailing list. Something you must keep in mind is to ensure that you send emails to the people in your mailing list at least once every week. You also need to scrub that list at least every month; the reason is that if you continue to send emails to the same people who do not open those emails, the emails that you send to people will not get in their inbox, instead, they will go to their spam box. Another thing that you need to do is to consider selling to those people at least once every month. The main point that there is in having a mailing list is to generate income from it.

If you ever felt like you need help with your email marketing or other subjects in digital marking, make sure to check out other articles on my site. If you enjoyed reading this article, do not forget to share it with others. Thanks for taking the time and reading this.

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The Secrets to Building a Mailing List

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