How to get thousands of backlinks without asking other people

Many people have no interest in building backlinks. The reason that they avoid doing so is that it frightens them to think about doing outreach to the owners of hundreds, if not thousands of sites before they can get their first handful of backlinks. However, I’m here to tell you that you do not have to do such a thing. You can get these backlinks in some organic ways without doing outreach practically.

Hi everyone, today I’m about to tell you the secrets of building thousands of backlinks easily without asking people to link to you.

Online courses

The first strategy you can use is to offer people free courses. Do not mistake this with vlogging or something, what I mean is full-blown courses. Because there are so many people who have a vlog nowadays. With more than a billion vlogs on the internet and so much content to cover, people surely love online courses; however, it will not guarantee anything at all. Take “HubSpot Academy” for example. It’s a course that is provided by HubSpot.

It’s free and it’s about marketing and it also offers certification. They have managed to get more than one thousand backlinks from around 450 other domain names. They have more than 37,000 visitors to that course each month in the U.S. alone, as UberSuggest reports. People would love to have a certification from HubSpot, that’s why they all love this course. Because HubSpot is considered an important name in the space of marketing. If you intend to follow the strategy of HubSpot and create a course, you must ensure that you create a very detailed and thorough course; so much that people would even be willing to pay money to enroll in it. For example, take a look at the courses available at Udemy; if yours is competent with them in quality, then it will be very good especially because you offer it to people for free.

Creating free tools

The second tip you can use to get backlinks is creating free tools. Over the years, I could manage to get backlinks, more than 25,000 from about 3,400 different domain names, from the free tools that I have offered in my websites. This is such an amazing tactic. However what made me succeed so much with my tools is this: I make them available in several different languages such as Portuguese, German, Spanish, etc. If you do this and include these many languages, you can get about 11,000 more backlinks referred from more than 3,000 other domain names.

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This is a considerable number and is not just specified to the SEO industry, but happens in many other industries as well. For example, Bankrate uses a tool for calculating your mortgage and it gets backlinks a lot; more than 3,400 from around 413 domain names. You should not worry if you do not have enough money to build tools such as the ones that I mentioned, because there exists a website which is called CodeCanyon. In this site, there are many tools available for people to buy with prices ranging between five to forty dollars for nearly any industry that exists. Most of them have much lower prices that 30 or 40 dollars.

Most of their tools, which as we have seen are really good ones, are about 10, 20 dollars. Which means that you can get backlinks over time with just about 10 dollars by offering people these free tools. Do not expect to get backlinks overnight and instantly, you should wait and watch some time to see how these tools will get you backlinks more than you ever could.

Studying industry stats and making reports

The third tip that is very useful for you to get backlinks is to produce industry reports and stats you and your team have generated. To put it differently, they are proprietary. I launched two reports last year which had the proprietary statistics which I had gathered from my audience. On one of those reports, I took the data I needed from 183 companies which were all doing content marketing and created 17 charts to represent the point to which content marketing was heading. In another one of them which was on the subject of social media, I pulled 483 companies that were making use of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. These 2 studies helped me get more than 97,000 backlinks from 119 domain names. This is considered a lot, being made only through studies. So you must start one yourself.

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Ego bait

The number four tip to get backlinks is to use ego bait. What is ego bait? It means stroking the ego of site owners or influencers that you want to get backlinks from. There exist a few ways to do it, and the simplest one is roundup posts. An example of a Roundup post is when someone takes every influencer that there is in your space out. Then they interview with those influencers and ask them only one simple question. After they do this, the influencers will give them feedback and after that, they publish it in a comprehensive blog post, share it on social media, email the influencers about its publication and ask them for sharing it as well and also linking to it. Most of them will share it and sometimes somebody will also link to it.

One of the other things that you can do is to review tools, books, and other stuff from the sites that you want them to get backlinks from. Because most of these websites which have some books or tools would be glad to link to a review on their stuff which happens to be on your site, so this is how it can help you get backlinks.

Another strategy is to create lists. For example “the top 10 authors that everyone must read their works”. When you do it and create a list of people, many of those people on your list will link to that list because they love to show others their name on it. I have personally done it before and linked to a post on Forbes which had me among their Top 10 Marketer list.

Also, you can interview people; people such as influencers. It’s okay if you don’t know some of those people, cold email them anyway. Most of them will accept and do an interview. It could be a video interview, a blog interview, a podcast interview, etc. Those people will share it or even link back to it on your site.

Another awesome method is using awards. You can make awards such as “The Best 20 Blogs on Pet Care”, or “The Top 50 Movie Review Sites”. You can create a badge for anything that you like and is in your space. To do that, you can visit Fiverr and pay $5 to someone to make a badge for you or you can use Canva to create the badge yourself, and then give it to people. Many of them would be happy to embed that badge on their site and that automatically helps you get backlinks.

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Data visualizations and infographics

Finally, the last tip that I am going to give you is to use data visualizations and infographics. Nowadays infographics are not used as frequently as before; however, they are still a game-changer. Data visualization means getting some data and then display it in a way so that it is more user-friendly. That could be historical timelines, statistics of something, geography distribution, maps, etc. Infographics allow you to take so much data and present it as an animated image that is much more interactive and uses the method of storytelling.

People love to see infographics on subjects like how stuff work or many other subjects because it is simple and visual and it makes sense to people. Doing this will help you get as much as thousands of backlinks over time. Years ago I owned a company and most of the backlinks we got were made through infographics. That blog eventually got about a million visitors per month; and the main reason that it became a success was using infographics on it. We had created more than 40 infographics, so we got over a thousand links. This also made the ranking of all pages on the site to get higher.

As you have probably noticed yourself, you must do so much work to get backlinks, but you can easily do that work with no effort. What you need to do is to use at least one of those techniques that I talked about.

If you ever felt like you need help to get backlinks, increase the ranking of your website or producing content, do not forget to check my website. Also if you enjoyed reading this post, make sure to share it. Thank you for your time.

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The Secret to Get Backlinks Without Trying Hard

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