There’s a secret that I use to increase my lead count up to 280%! Right now, I am about to share it with you: Quizzes

Now, before I tell you the simple hack to increase your leads by 280 %, you must keep this in mind that if you don’t follow all these tips that I talk about in this article step by step, it is not going to work for you. You can’t just simply use this strategy; you also need to follow it through and use all of these techniques as well. Now, what is this secret? It is using quizzes. This hack has helped me increase my lead conversions by 280%. It is so much more effective than the lead forms. However, you can’t just simply ask people to fill in your lead or to give you their information. If you do such a thing, quizzes are not going to work. Now let me demonstrate the exact steps you have to take to make it work for you.

The tools for building quizzes

First of all, you must use some mechanism to create quizzes. There are  LeadQuizzesBucket.io, or Interact. You use any of these tools, and it can help you create your quiz and generate the lead after that. If you want to customize it as well, you can also do that. However I have figured that it can be just more comfortable to use one of these tools that I mentioned.

Have values in your quizzes

The second tip you need to learn is that you must build valuable quizzes. For instance, no matter what your quiz is about, if you don’t provide any value at the end, people are going to walk away, and they are not going to convert into leads. For example, tell people how they can increase their eCommerce website traffic and ensure that you send them something like a report that can solve their problems. If you do not send them anything for their problem or give them something valuable, they are going to be upset, and it won’t work well for you.

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Qualification questions

The next strategy you may want to do is to use items for qualification in your quizzes. Those questions aren’t just about understanding your customers and finding out how to get them to the end of it and get them their results. Meanwhile, you also want to know if the lead is good enough for you. Now what I suggest you do is to ask questions in your quizzes that not only help you help your customers but also help you qualify if your lead is good enough for you. Because if you click on a hundred leads, definitely most of them won’t be qualified and there’s no problem there because that’s how generating leads work.

But you need qualified leads, and that’s why quizzes are so fantastic because you are able to guide them through each step and qualify them with questions that not only help them with the final solution for their problem, but it can also help you. Take this example, let’s suppose one of my quizzes is about whether you use Google Analytics or you spend money on paid advertisement. Because if you don’t use Google Analytics or paid ads, I know that the potential to help you grow might not be as significant because typically people who do not have Google Analytics set up are brand-new sites and they have not done anything on their website yet.

On the other side, if a person has Google Analytics and they have also done paid ads, I am now able to use the URL, and with some online tools, I can see what is it that people can do step by step to improve their rankings. What I described is an example of what I’m doing; I’m using other technologies. You may not do the same. You can build your technology yourself or you can apply some available tools, as I mentioned earlier, such as the Lead Quizzes of the world.

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Custom assets

Next thing you have to do is to send people a custom asset based on their answers to your quizzes. Whether it’s a PDF, a webinar, or a course, any asset you send them, must be based on the responses that they type in. For example, if they responded saying that they do not need your help for getting more traffic, then you should not send them a PDF tabout getting more traffic; But you should send them a PDF that is like, “Now that you have much traffic to your site …” This way, you know what you should be doing and spend your time working on the solutions to their problems. If you do this, you can also create better quality leads.

Not a “survey.”

The next thing to do to get more conversions is to avoid using the word “survey.” Any time you use this word, you’re going to realize that your quiz gets completed by people much less. You may always have a drop-off, but you shouldn’t ever use the word survey. I know you think this is so weird because I’m teaching you techniques on quizzes. So why would people possibly use the word “survey”? I don’t know why but they actually do. It’s a common mistake that I see often.

Not too many questions

Finally, the last thing you should do is to ensure that you don’t have too many items in your quizzes. There must be enough to qualify people to make the lead relevant for them, but you shouldn’t have 20 or 30 questions, that is too many. I suggest that the best number is perhaps from 7 to around 13 questions. I personally try to keep it in the 7 to 10 range. This way, I get very qualified leads. If you only ask three or four questions, you’re going to get much more leads, but they are not going to be relevant enough, and the close-ratio for your sales team or through your email marketing campaigns is not going to convert as high.

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So ensure that you’re asking enough questions and also when you ask those questions, don’t use many open-ended answers or ten radio buttons for each item. You must keep it simple and easy to answer; no more than three or four options per question, ideally even one or two. Because when you do that you are not only helping people to fill out your quizzes but you’re also giving them guided questions that you must be posing to them based on their responses.

It is hard to do such a thing when you have 20-30 questions but with tools like LeadQuizzes you can show them different questions in the next slides based on what people answered previously, so this way it is more relevant to them. However, it gets more complicated when you have more than ten questions in your quizzes.

So, if you need help with making quizzes or increasing your lead flow, don’t forget to check my other articles on this site and also to share this article if you liked it. Thank you for reading.

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Quizzes for Getting People to Convert into Leads

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