Ali AlAbbas - Nine Chrome Extensions to Enhance Your Marketing Experience

Many excellent Chrome extensions are available out there. However, most marketers do not tend to use them. It makes me surprised to see how few of my colleagues and friends make use of the Chrome extensions, which are helpful with traffic generation and marketing.

Hi everybody, today I’m about to talk about nine awesome Google Chrome extensions which will significantly improve the traffic to your site.


This one is one of the best Chrome extensions and a great tool for you to understand what are your competitors ranking for if they are getting organic search traffic. It will also give you some great ideas for the stuff they display, and also what are the paid ads that they are running, as well as the keywords they target. This extension has a “popover feature” as well, which shows some stuff such as the domain name and page-level metrics for the results of the ranking. It enables you to see the advertisements they run when you click on some link while browsing a site.


This Chrome extension can provide you with some details such as analysis for link date or domain authority. It has a feature for page analysis as well, which allows you to get reviews of the description, the title mark-up of a specific webpage. It also has many more features which are page-level and has link metrics as well, that shows you the authority of the page and the domain name, and also the number of boot domains that are linking to any page you are searching.

BuzzStream BuzzMarker

This extension is such an awesome one for networking, link building, outreach and guest posting. This tool crawls any website that you go to and finds the contact information for the people who are associated with that website; doing this helps you find people such as reporters, content marketers and editors. I personally really enjoy using this when I am using a big news site or a content site big. It helps me when I’m trying to find someone who I can reach out to for building a link and then convincing them to link to me, or finding the person who is the editor since I am willing to contribute as a guest writer.

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It is one of the most fantastic Chrome extensions for everyone with a strategy for video marketing. This extension will show you the view counts, the tags and many other details when you view some YouTube video. It has even greater features for video upload; after you have uploaded your video, it helps you by suggesting you tags and also by optimizing the metadata associated with that video. It is essential to consider what I just said. Because although there are many free tools available when people upload videos, they do not want to come back to that tool all the time, and then get back to that video on YouTube and input the data. Everyone wants it right there so that they can do this at ease, and this extension helps you do this easily.


This Chrome extension is great for growing your authority and personal branding because it allows you to post content to your followers seamlessly as you browse the web and read articles on your favourite weblogs. So when you are on a website, and you are enjoying what you are reading, you can click a button on that extension, and it will get shared to all of your social media profiles through this Buffer Chrome extension. It allows you to build all your audience on all of the social platforms all the time and it can also help you stay up-to-date with all of your profiles on different social media; without working too much.

Many people have to update their profile on social media such as Facebook or Twitter or keep visiting all these platforms and put in content manually. Doing this could be much easier if you are reading a blog post, then you click one button, and then you can schedule it for some time later so it will go to your promotional calendar. You can do this through the Buffer Chrome extension.

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Many people constantly have to update their profile on social media such as Facebook or Twitter, or have to keep visiting all of these platforms and put in some content there manually. This could be much easier if you are just reading a blog post, then you simply click one button, and then you can schedule it for some time later so it will go to your promotional calendar. This can be done through the Buffer Chrome extension.


This Chrome extension is my favourite extension of all times for any browser. My reason for this is that when I want to send marketing-based emails, which I do a lot, or even when trying to write a blog post for my WordPress site, this extension will show me my spelling mistakes. Grammarly also has a paid version which is the premium version. I use the free version. The free version is enough for allowing you to figure out what are the changes that you need to make to have no spelling mistakes and excellent grammar. I type the text of my blog posts in Microsoft Office Word, and when I paste them into WordPress, Grammarly finds some spelling errors in my writing, which Microsoft Word could not find. It is much much better; you should all start working with it as well.


This excellent Chrome extension is terrific for content creators. It can give you some ideas for the type of content that works well in your space. For instance, if you visit a page which could be on the website of one of your competitors, it will tell you its unique page use, how many social shares it has had, its social media engagement, and many other items like these, even its backlinks. It can help you target the type of content that you should be creating versus the kind of content you should not, in real-time.

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Save to Pocket

This Chrome extension is significant when there is an infinite amount of information involved. Getting distracted while building the strategy for your content or researching for your next article is easy. Having dozens of open tabs on your browser can hurt your productivity and be distracting. For people who have large social followings or content creators, this extension is such a fantastic tool because it allows you to save the excellent content which you would want to share with your audience later.

Check My Links

This tool is essential for a strategy for building links. It will show the links which are working fine, and also the ones that are do not, for all the pages that you go to them. For example, if someone is on a webpage of somebody else which links to some competitor, and suppose that the link does not work. That person would probably want to call them up to encourage them to link back to them. This reason is why you might want to do this. A broken link is undoubtedly one of the best ways to convince others to link back to you, and this Chrome extension can help you find as many broken links as possible.

So if you ever needed help for increasing your traffic, your sales or your leads, you can check out the other articles on this site. If you enjoyed reading this post, make sure to share it with your friends. Thank you for reading.

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Nine Chrome Extensions to Enhance Your Marketing Experience

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