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The secret of making easy marketing funnels

I continuously hear people bragging about their marketing funnels that bring them thousands of dollars and hundreds of clients. It would take your breath away if you take a look at their email sequences, their landing pages, and their Instagram and Facebook ads. How can these people have such beautiful, designed marketing funnels by figuring out all of the complicated automation behind their sequences? I have some good news for you; there is no longer the need to hire a designer for your marketing funnel. There is also no need even to be a paid advertisement expert or even a developer. You can do this much more comfortable and more straightforward than you think.

Hi everyone, today I want to teach you how to stop building marketing funnels and do something else instead.

Why do people need marketing funnels?

If you want to have an online market, you have to have a sales process. No matter what you sell: consumer products or B2B products. In essence, what You have to do is to get people one point to another. The first point is the first time that you have any contact with them, that could be on your site, or perhaps someone has contacted with your brand, they will see that online. The second point is when the customer decides that they like what you are trying to sell them. They are willing to take action and purchase your product or service.

This method works for anything you sell. People do not care if what you’re selling is physical products, or eBooks and courses. You could even be selling coaching or mentorship programs or consulting services. You are going to need a marketing funnel no matter if your product or service is tangible or intangible. Marketing funnels are the best and the most efficient way to take costumers from one point to another. It is also the best way to encourage people to continue buying more and more from your business. Also, it increases the lifetime value of your customers, which then enables you to further make use of paid ads on platforms such as Instagram, Google or Facebook.

What are the required ingredients for flawless marketing funnels?

So if you are willing to create a following, either you would have to pay someone for paid ads, or you would have to learn designing, email marketing and you would also have to be good at the copying and web development. However, those days are gone, and now, it’s the era of a simple tool that allows you to do all of this, and there is no longer the need to have multiple tools or many skills to be able to create high-converting marketing funnels.

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You can do all of this by using only one tool, and this magic tool is called Autofunnel, and GetResponse has created it. Autofunnel lets you create marketing funnels, webinar funnels, lead generation funnels and many other funnels, depending on which one you need. It will cover the most challenging part of the sales process for you so that you can focus your efforts and time on your business instead of learning how to create a funnel. For years and years, we used to build funnels ourselves, and we had no idea whether it would work, so we would have to spend so much money on designing, development and advertisement. Then, when we did all of this stuff, it was still possible for our process to not work, not to mention that in many cases it didn’t, and we would have to continue tweaking it.

So since people have been using funnels for a long time now, GetResponse has decided to do a cool thing. They used all their knowledge from all the funnels that have converted well and made a simple tool out of it, which makes life easier for small and medium or even large businesses.

Why using Autofunnel?

Before Autofunnel, if you ever wanted to run paid advertisements, to get the maximum out of their platform, you would have to know how to use Instagram or Facebook ads, and many other things. However, now, you can run paid Instagram and Facebook ads directly through the Autofunnel platform. Also, their landing pages are already proven to work and are high-converting. What I’m talking about is that they do not show people some landing page templates that do not tend to convert well for them.

They produce their landing page templates only from what they have already tested and the data that they have seen it convert very well. This fact is my favourite thing about their landing page templates. Those pages even have an exit popup intent. Now I can guess what you are thinking of. You probably think that exit popups are aggressive. But view it this way: Wouldn’t you prefer to have a last-ditch effort to get people to convert if you have paid so much money to bring them to your site and they do not convert?

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Still not convinced?

Here is a beautiful thing about Autofunnel: They have already set it up with campaigns by using exit popup intents and their many web forms which they have built through the landing page processes. This way, it can give you all the automation and email marketing sequences you need to get going well without a need for hiring an expert. What it means is that if, for instance, there are people who go to your checkout page and do not convert, then perhaps they have an abandonment built sequence for you already which is ready to go.

The way this work is that they fire up when they find out that someone is not converting, then they send them abandonment emails, and all the confirmation emails are already ready to go, so this way there will be no need for you to set them up. This way, you can get more people from not buying to buying and maximizing the amount of money you gain from what you spend on advertisements. Besides, other marketers who have converted have written all the email templates that you see so that they will convert nicely. It can also handle everything with the transactional side too. So it does not matter whether you are making use of an online store such as Etsy or RU Commerce or Shopify. Even with your current payment processors like Paypal or Stripe, it is plug-and-play.

A few words about webinars

If you are willing to run a webinar, not only it helps you to maximize the number of signups, but it also has a webinar platform of its own, so that you won’t need to pay for a webinar service separately. There was a time when I had to sign up for a WebinarJam to run webinars. In those days I would need to connect it with Infusionsoft for example, and by the way, its name is now “Keap”. Then I would have to hire a developer from there to enable all of this to work because using Infusionsoft is difficult.

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After that, I would need to get a designer to create my landing pages. After that, I would end up running some traffic, so it might or might not work. But today all of you can do this directly with ready-to-use templates which are already proven to be high-converting. That way selling high-ticket items such as a product over $1,000 is so much easier. From my point of view, webinars are great for selling anything; with prices ranging from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. For example, suppose you are selling something for 50 dollars, there is probably no need for a webinar to sell that.

However, if you intend to sell something which you have priced over a few hundred bucks, you will figure out that selling them on a webinar is much more comfortable. My favourite thing about webinars is that you can charge them up annually. Since they are interacting and will eventually get to know you, it is much easier to have them paying for the entire up-front annual fee rather than getting them to pay in monthly instalments. Because there will always be some churn or something, however, when you get that yearly fee, this means that you will get more of that money up-front, and this will allow you to spend more money on advertisements and this will help you grow faster.

The bottom-line on marketing funnels

Now, this is my favourite feature: With AutoFunnel, at the bottom of each funnel is your exact ROI. Before this, you would have to go to Google Analytics and then calculate your ROI manually. But now, you can easily see that right at the bottom of every single funnel you create, which will help you get as much as you can from it. So I love Autofunnels very much. Not only am I using it myself already, but I am also getting good results out of it, by that I mean that I already have gotten a 16% increase in my conversions.

If you feel like there are more things you need to know about digital marketing, check out my other articles on this website. Also, if you enjoyed this article, do not forget to share it with others who may also like it. Thank you very much for reading this.

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Marketing Funnels in 2020

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