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How to find perfect ideas for your content

You have probably used tools such as Ubersuggest before for finding the keywords that you use in your blog posts. But is there any way for finding ideas for the content that you want to create on the keywords you have picked? Because creating the wrong kind of content makes people unwilling to read your post. Doesn’t matter how much you share it or link to it, your job will not be able to rank on Google. 

Hi everybody, today I’m writing this to tell you about ways to find many ideas for the content you want to create instantly. Content that your audience will love.

Most shared topics

So to find some awesome ideas for your content the first thing that you need to do is to have a look at the issues and the concepts, I mean the ideas that people typically look for all the time and share stuff about them on social media a lot. The reason is that if people already share these ideas a lot, this means that they want more of it. And if they aren’t, then this means that it does not make them interested.

Most linked topics

The same thing is possible with links. If you see that many people link to some particular types of content, then this means that they find it worthy and that you must produce more content similar to them and less content of other kinds; the type that no one links to it.

The solution

Now I am about to show you a straightforward solution. This solution is the one I made to make my own life easier for me, so this means that it will make yous easier as well. What I want you to do is to go to Ubersuggestand type some keyword in there. A keyword which makes you interested in going after. What I mean is not single words such as “cat” or “SEO”. It would help if you chose keywords that contain at least two words within it. This act does not necessarily mean that you need to be too specific. The best thing that you can do is to keep it generic somehow. You must take a look at the “content ideas reports” section in Ubersuggest. Then, in the left navigation bar, you will see a keyword overview.

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Click on that section, and it will show you all of the articles that exist which are about that keyword and based on the number of their social shares, are considered popular. After you have done that, you must then start looking for the articles which are popular due to their social shares on the internet and try to estimate the number of visits to those pages. Filter your search to those pages which have at least 100 visits based on your estimations. After you have done that, you must then look for the ones that have at least about five back-links. So if there is an article which has been shared many thousands of times on social media, at least 100 visits based on your estimations, and at least five people have linked to it, then this shows that people like that article.

How it works

People can manipulate not only through the perspective of social sharing but also from ranking somebody on Google because people like that. People may also link to it because they find it valuable, so when you combine all three of those things, you will have the kind of content that people will certainly enjoy a lot. Articles which you create on that subject will be perfect. It is the way to find many ideas in a short time, like a few minutes.

The right keywords

However, the difficult part of writing articles is not finding those ideas, but finding the right keywords which enables you to find more ideas all the time. So I have made that very easy for you. You can do this in many ways if you like. For example, you can type in some keyword like funnel or affiliate marketing. Then you must click on the “keyword ideas reports” so that it shows you comparisons, propositions, and questions.

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Doing this gives you more ideas for your blog that what you can write. It can also show you the keywords which are somewhat more intent-based. If somebody tries to compare two things, for example, two different tools for email marketing such as Convert Kit and Mail Chimp, it will tell you that somebody is willing to buy however they have not found the solution. This fact is what I mean by saying that looking for these phrases helps you increase your sales, leads, and revenue.

The best examples

One of the last things that I am going to mention here is to remember visiting the “top pages report”. There you can type the URL of one of your competitors. It will take a few seconds to load and then it shows you the most popular pages of your competitors that get much traffic. Usually, most of these popular pages are the content-based ones. You should check the back-links, the social shares and the estimated visits.

Those pages that necessarily have more than 100 visits, five back-links, and also more than a thousand social shares; these are the pages that you should try to replicate. It’s OK if those pages do not tend to have one thousand social shares. If that happens, you should go for the ones that have high visit counts, somewhat in the range of a few thousands or more. Also, it is even better if they have more back-links. Then you should go after these pages to increase the traffic to your site. Because if you write your content similar to those, it will get more traffic for you as well.

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The worst examples

On the flip side if you write similar to something that is not good at attracting. You could see those bad articles too by typing the URL of your competitors, and scrolling down and visiting the last page there. In that page, there are the webpages which are not popular. These are the pages that you must avoid because their performance is not excellent. You are better off focusing on the popular pages because the ideas of these pages will have excellent performance over your audience and your site too.

If you’re trying to find ways to get more traffic to your site, do not forget to check some of my other articles on this site. If you enjoyed the post, share it with your friends and tell others about it. Thank you for reading.

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Finding Ideas That Make Awesome Articles

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